SAMS 19.01

Semi-Automatic Cutting Mill System

Semi-Automatic Cutting Mill System

The SAMS 19.01 works and operates as a conductor for all the components of the milling process.

SOP Recipe Management

Store up to 10 Pre-set

Large Diameter Input with 8” Funnel

DN65 Tri-Clamp 65mmInput Diameter

Food Safe Design

304/316 Stainless Steel Construction Smooth

Introducing the SAMS.19 Semi-Automatic Cutting Mill System in partnership between Sample Automation and Fritsch Milling and Sizing. The entry level of automated upgrades available for the Pulverisette 19 Cutting Mill. The standard Pulverisette cutting mill has been utilized in the cannabis industry across the last 6 years and has proven its worth in reliability and consistency. As facilities expand and grow in operations, the increased need for automation will improve the workflow and processes within those operations to reduce costs and improve product manufacturing capabilities.

The SAMS 19 works and operates as a conductor for all the components of the milling process. Operating the Pulverisette cutting mill with specified speed as well as control to the vacuum exhaust and monitoring of the final weight collection, it removes operator error and increases efficiency. The SAMS 19 has an operator interface designed for a user to operate the system with a pre-set group of recipes for how the system needs to operate for a designated process. With the 5.7inch touch screen and power controls the operator is able to start and stop the systems components in the correct routine both starting up and shutting down each device once the desired weight limit has been achieved based on the custom parameters set by the routine.

The Fritsch Pulverisette 19 is designed to have a tool free chamber assembly that is designed to fully open for removal of rotor and Sieve cassette without any additional tools. The p19 has all of its own integrated safety functions and standard is variable speed between 300 and 3000 rpm. It is provided with a pull-out tray with a sanitary flange for connection to the vacuum exhaust system.

The SAMS 19’s benefits are as a multifunctional milling system for facilities with multiple capabilities that may require different milling parameters based on requirements from individual product productions like specific particle sizes for all automated pre-roll manufacturing extraction and waste disposal. The system is meant to improve internal process workflow and optimize production processes by making it highly repeatable.

At AGMS Solutions, we partner with like-minded vendors that think outside of the box. Sample Automation provides innovative equipment that is intuitive, well designed, easy to clean, and works. Just as important, the team is focused on the customer experience; timely feedback is always provided, and they can deliver solutions tailored to the customer requirements.

AARON GODIN, M.Sc.Co-Founder & Director of Applied Science

I thoroughly enjoy working with Andrew and Sample Automation in the development of novel processing solutions for cannabis. They consistently deliver functional, intelligent equipment that will be needed for cannabis 2.0 upgrades to 3.0 and beyond.

Corey CrosserDirector of Production - White LVBEL/Pheno Exotic/Las Vegas Cannabis

Your dream meets reality through Sample Automation. A true partner. Look no further for professional collaboration and development to meet your needs while solving industry challenges. Andrew and team listen, understand, formulate and bring to life the design and engineering that you could have only imagined. Integrate process flow and automation into your lab, pilot plant, or production process with Sample Automation hardware, instrumentation, and software control.

Melissa J. FauthPresident & CEO - Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.

Adaptable Needs, Adaptable Design


The SAMS.19 System comprises of an Automated control with a 5.7” Display Operator Interface and a undermounted Control Enclosure. The Pulverisette 19 is mounted onto the frame and simply connected with mains power and the USB connection interface. The SAMS.19 control system acts as a central drain for all the auxiliary components of the system allowing the equipment to work in a predetermined routine.

Once a technician chooses their desired recipe including blade speed and weight limit. A grinding siv and blade location needs to be set on the Pulverisette 19. Using the provided instructions, a user will be able to physically set the blade width of those fixed blade locations. With all the auxiliary components connected correctly a user would then simply press the start button on the 5.7-inch touch screen to start up the individual components in the correct automated routine with pre-set timing and a user would start to introduce biomass to the milling process. The user would continue to mill product while the process is being monitored and waiting for the desired collected weight limit to be achieved. The system would then indicate to a user that it has achieved that weight by a stack light and would start the automated process of shutting itself down to indicate to a user the milled batch of biomass is complete. The user now only needs to remove that filled container which is pre weighed, into another aliquot to move along the process for efficient batch tracking, or input to the next process. While milling product, it’s important to gradually feed product into the cutting mill allowing the chamber to efficiently allow product and airflow at high efficiencies to allow the biomass to be reduced in size to the desired particle size, then exit the chamber into the collection vessel. This reduces product friction and temperature and preserves trichomes and terpene content of the biomass.

One of the unique benefits to the Pulverisette 19 is its ability to be opened and cleaned without tools, allowing for quick break down and cleaning for cross contamination purposes, allowing one facility to process multiple products with minimal downtime on maintenance and cleaning. The SAMS 19 additionally comes with an additional menu area that is password protected to allow for the product recipes to be programmed in as set parameters that are unable to be adjusted by non-admin users. There is a settings area that allows for the automated routine to be adjusted as well as a manual function for individual control of the auxiliary components from the main screen. This highly efficient semi-automatic milling system is operationally designed to act as a multifunctional tool within the facility for both extraction and pre roll requirements.


Agriculture and Hemp

Industrial Process Control




  • 5.7” Touch Screen HMI
  • Emergency Stop and Isolation Switch
  • Automated Auxillary Controls
  • SOP Recipe Speed and Setting Controls
  • Password Setting Controls
  • Stainless Steel Display Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Controller Enclosure
  • Smooth Finished Welds


  • 110V Single Phase 50/60Hz –1725 watt, 8Nm
  • 220V Double Phase 50/60Hz – 2350 watt, 10Nm
  • 400V Three Phase 50/60Hz – 5000 watt, 30Nm


  • SAMS.19.01: without Cyclone (80cm L x 80cm W x 1250 H)
  • Weight: 150Kg

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