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Industrial Process Control
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Agriculture and Hemp
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SAMS 19.01

Semi-Automatic Cutting Mill System

Introducing the SAMS.19 Semi-Automatic Cutting Mill System in partnership between Sample Automation and Fritsch Milling and Sizing. The entry level of automated upgrades available for the Pulverisette 19 Cutting Mill.


Automatic Feeding & Milling System

Introducing the VHF.50.19 Automatic Feeding and Milling System in partnership between Sample Automation and Fritsch Milling and Sizing. This complete automated solution is the most advanced upgrade available for the Pulverisette 19 Cutting Mill.

SAMS 15.01

Semi-Automatic Milling System

Introducing the SAMS.15 Semi-Automated Cutting Mill by Sample Automation. The newest product in our suite of cannabis equipment solutions, this Pharmaceutical-grade cutting mill enables manufacturers to standardize and scale their flower throughput to meet the ever-evolving production demands of the industry.

CRM 21.01

Crown Smart Vessel

Introducing the Crown Smart Vessel by Sample Automation. The Crown Smart Vessel allows manufacturing facilities to standardize, automate and scale the production of high-quality THC-A Diamonds, High-Terpene Sauce and Rosin. Traditionally, manufacturing processes have been slow and unpredictable, consuming valuable laboratory resources, oven space and labour.


Our bespoke services are tailored specifically around your requirements designed and produced with the clients need’s in mind – a custom build which you can choose to have produced at the volume that you need!


In our technical support area, you can find more than just contact information of our service teams.  We provide troubleshooting & instructional guides, FAQ’s, as well as info about our attractive service contracts for Sample Automation. We gladly consult and advise you in all technical matters – contact us now!


Our consultation services are built to advise and guide you around Sample Automation existing products – we ensure that you quickly find the right design or manufacturing equipment for your requirements.

Our Mission

Sample Automation’s mission is to assist in shaping the future of manufacturing by pioneering new technologies allowing for industry growth, development, and improved efficiency.

About Us

Sample Automation was established in 2016 by Andrew Winson. With over 15 years of experience in the processing instrumentation industry, Andrew has worked across a multitude of industries, including Pet Food, Tobacco, Snack Foods, Food Oils, Coat Weight for Paper, Particle board and Cardboard just to name a few. Partnering with companies such as Fritsch GmbH and Stony Microworks, and exhibiting at events such as MJBiz Con 2021, NECANN Shows 2021, Cannabis Industrial Marketplace 2021, and Others across the US and Globe. Sample Automation is an innovative, creative business, offering optimal and bespoke solutions for customers around the globe.

Partners & Affiliates

Here at Sample Automation we are firm believers in collaborating with our peers and like-minded corporations to achieve the best results for the client. Our success stems from our relationships with others being focused on integrity and ethics.


View our latest accessories for the SAMS & VHF – please contact us if the part or accessory is not being advertised below and we may be able to help.


The Team

Company Owner and Experienced Technician with a demonstrated history of working in the industrial automation industry. Skilled in Temperature Sensors, Process Control, Gas Analysis, Management, and Account Management.

Andrew Winson

I am a Biomedical Engineer with 20 years of cannabis experience in Cultivation, Extraction (Co2, Ethanol, Hydrocarbon, and Solventless) and Management, seeking to improve as many lives' through cannabis as possible. I have a passion for designing and continuity improving processes and workflows.

Corey Crosser

With a background in engineering and design within a lean manufacturing system Daniel is responsible for keeping production in line, efficient and to a high quality.

Daniel Ajagbe

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