Introducing the Crown Smart Vessel by Sample Automation. The Crown Smart Vessel allows manufacturing facilities to standardize, automate and scale the production of high-quality THC-A Diamonds, High-Terpene Sauce and Rosin. Traditionally, manufacturing processes have been slow and unpredictable, consuming valuable laboratory resources, oven space and labour. The amount and quality of the outputs have also varied widely and remain difficult to scale effectively or record for consistency and reproducibility.

This all-in-one PC and microprocessor-based system allows operators to monitor, track and control each step throughout the reaction process, offering real-time data insights into production capabilities. This smart vessel comes equipped with pressure, temperature, and ventilation controls which accelerate the timescale of the separation process to start seeing results quicker and more repeatable.

The Crown Miner uses a custom designed microprocessor PCB with embedded firmware which serves as the unit’s control brain always working autonomously from the dedicated PC software. The software acts as an interface and display for the miner’s operation and data logging. If disconnection from the software was to occur, the controllers will continue to operate and track data until reconnected to the pc software. This firmware is specifically designed with intrinsically safe temperature and pressure sensors, auxiliary external interface protocol connections, and network connection integration, while remaining small and compact. This master controller, though small, is powerful and serves as the system’s “brain” pulling together components both integrated and auxiliary. In addition to allowing users to control the pressure, temperature, and ventilation inside of the vessel. The control unit is constantly monitoring, tracking, and recording this data with additional auxiliary and devices control for further process optimization and reliable reproduction. All data is recorded in a raw format for easy integration to existing data management software for an overall production to be tracked. Allowing operators and technicians real-time feedback into their processes enables them to capture specific textures and products recording the formulas that can be repeated in the future. The Crown Smart Vessel enables manufacturing companies to stay compliant, produce consistent results, and increase output while reducing operational requirement of personnel within the facility.

The system is comprised of 4 main components: The Crown Trident Caps (equipped with both analogue and digital tridents), jacketed vessel, controller, and computer. The Crown Smart Vessel can be fully customized with 2 vessels per controller and custom stand. Each vessel or pair of vessels can be attached to a circulator for temperature control. Additionally, they can be upgraded to refrigerated circulators and cold traps. This allows manufacturing teams to operate the vessel externally from the hazardous extraction area inside the production facility. A software licence is provided with every computer with the ability to operate up to 4 controllers, 8 vessels and 8 water circulators linking all auxiliary components. All Trident Caps are assembled ATEX C1D1 components and if required are supplied with the additional electronics to place the vessels and sensors internal to the hazardous area if required.


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